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Xen HVM Hosting

When it comes choosing a Windows virtualization technology, few come close to the power and robustness of Xen. We run all Windows VPS hosting plans on Xen, which is known for its stability, dependability, and scalability.

Windows Xen HVM Hosting

With choosing Xen VPS you get the power and performance like no other. You have the freedom to adjust the power of your server without having to interrupt your services or move to another machine. Windows Xen hosting is never oversold and come with resource and uptime guarantees.

FREE Billing System

Whether you are a web hosting provider or just looking at managing your billable time more effectively; you're entitled to obtain a free copy of WHMCS or ClientExec with your Windows Xen virtual private server.

WHMCS Billing System Or ClientExec Billing System

Why Windows Xen VPS Hosting stands out...

Trouble Free Upgrades

Trouble Free Upgrades

Upgrades are easy when it comes to working with a Windows VPS. So when it's time to upgrade or even downgrade your Windows virtual private server, the process can be done in a minute or less.

Guaranteed Resources

Guaranteed Resources

Some of the benefits of using Xen is the fact that all your resources are guaranteed. Due to the way Xen is structured, there is no possible way that it can be oversold, making it one of the most important reasons to choose a Xen for Windows VPS hosting.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies

The benefit of running a Windows on Xen VPS server, is that you will have access to all the Microsoft technologies such as MS SQL, Remote Desktop, IIS, Active Directory and many others.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

When using a Windows Xen virtual private server, you can customize just about every aspect of your VPS hosting environment. Ranging from swap, to partition layouts, everything can be done easily and quickly.

Cutting Edge Hardware...

Using the latest Dell hardware ensures constant uptime and peak performance. Our fault tolerant server configurations ensure maximum performance even during the most demanding times.

Dell PowerEdge Servers
DDR3 ECC Memory
RAID-10 Disk Arrays
Dual Power Supplies

Superior Network...

Understanding that your servers are only as good as the network is extremely important. This is why our network is built in a highly redundant design and backed up with carrier diversity for added protection.

Multiple Gigabit Uplinks
Multiple Layers of Security
DDoS Protected Network
Multi-Provider Network
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