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Having been around for over a decade, HostBill is one of the most stable and reliable billing solutions online. Having been built with developers in mind, HostBill provides a la carte selection of features and tools that can be used by any online business large or small.

Please note, HostBill licenses that are provided by SiteServing come with a FREE Web Hosting account.

Expand your reach with HostBill…

HostBill is a billing system that has been built to scale; not only is HostBill one of the more reliable billing systems online, its also packed with features making it simple to manage your customers and their needs.

HostBill License

Regardless of whether you're looking for a billing system to perform a specific function, or a multi-brand billing system, HostBill can accomplish your requirements and much more. Thanks to the HostBill API, you can now expand HostBill in anyway required to fit your criteria.

  • 30+ Control Panel Integrations
  • Fully Feature Developer API
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Complete Hosting Solution
HostBill License

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Payment Gateways

Simplified Management

Manage your domain name and DNS all from directly within HostBill. Within a few clicks, you can unlock, edit, and change information directly on your domain. Furthermore, you can easily update DNS records too, all directly from within the HostBill interface.

Superior Support

Payment Gateways

Having the largest selection of payment gateways out of any billing systems, HostBill is the leader when it comes to accepting online payments. On the off chance you don't find your payment gateway included, you can always build it using the HostBill documentation.

Developer API


Customize HostBill to fit your websites look and feel. Whether you are looking at placing a new theme over HostBill or simply using the HostBill API to feed into a new design, you can rest assured that HostBill will be able to perform your requirements without hesitation.

Control Panels

Unified Features

HostBill isn't only a billing system that can provide you with vast amounts of data and client management features, it's also a myriad of other features. HostBill includes a helpdesk, affiliate program, and live chat features.