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Having been around since 2004, Installatron is the second oldest installer currently on the market. Installatron is the "Swiss Army knife" when it comes to auto installers. Installatron is able to work on any operating system and any control panel, making it a unique product for web hosting resellers or web designers using virtually any control panel.

Installatron the Swiss army knife...

Have an internal customer base? No problems, Installatron applications are available in over forty plus different languages, making it easy for your customers to customize the language to their native tongue. Additionally, Installatron has the ability to quickly revert back to a previous version if your upgrade goes wrong.

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Installatron License

Ever moved to another web hosting provider, just to find that they didn't support the auto installer that your new web hosting provider does? Using Installatron, you can seamlessly import any application regardless of how it was originally installed on the web hosting server.

  • Email Notifications
  • Downloadable Backups
  • Multilingual Applications
  • One-Click Workflow
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Language Independence

Language Independence

Installatron is one of the only auto installers to support over forty different types of languages, making it the most diverse pieces of automation software. As if that wasn't enough, Installatron has its own inbuilt translation tool, to make things even simpler.

Backup and Restore

Backup & Restore

Installatron is one of the only auto installers, which has the ability to compress backups into a Gzip format, ensuring that it occupies less space when downloading it. Additionally, its revert feature provides you with the ability to revert back to any previous version of a script prior to the upgrade.

Stellar Support

Stellar Support

When it comes to documentation, you'll simply not find an auto installer with as much documentation as Installatron. Furthermore, if you can't find your answer online, you can always get in contact with the Installatron team directly for further support at no additional cost.

Import Existing Apps

Import Existing Apps

Sick and tired of your existing auto installer? Consider switching to Installatron. Installatron makes switching an easy process with its import scripts, simple follow the on screen instructions, and you'll have successfully imported your existing installation into Installatron.