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Auto Installer Licenses

Auto installers make tasks as a website owner and designer a whole lot easier. By using an auto installer, you are able to install and upgrade applications with a single click, saving yourself time and money.

Picking the right auto installer...

Choosing an auto installer license doesn't have to be a complicated affair. Simply take a look at the one you most prefer and then either click on "View Details" or on the screenshot, to learn more.

Hosting Licenses
Fantastico License

Fantastico is the oldest and most trusted auto installer within the market.

$4.95 per month View Details
Softaculous License

200+ auto installable scripts make Softaculous the auto installer leader.

$4.95 per month View Details
Installatron License

Installatron is the most versatile auto installer, and will work on any control panel.

$4.95 per month View Details