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Customer testimonials after two plus years...

See what our customers have to say after a minimum of being hosted on the SiteServing network. If their happy, we can guarantee that you'll be too!

"After being with numerous web hosting providers, I decided to give SiteServing a go. To my amazement, I found the SiteServing support team responsive, knowledgeable and actually caring. They also have good uptime too, which is of huge importance to me, as I make all my money online… it's my livelihood."

Marcell Vitez, Alberta, Canada

"Stable and powerful, I've never had any complaints. Their support staff is easy to get a hold of via live chat, and they are available on the phone if needed. They do their job amazingly well. Their site is easy to navigate, making my life simple… so obtaining support (when its needed – rarely) is super-easy."

Calvin Oliveros, London, UK

"From the day I started using my VPS with SiteServing, I've never had any regrets. Their uptime has been excellent and support has been very helpful in assisting me in getting things straighten out as and when needed. I've already recommended them to some of my friends. Thanks so much SiteServing!"

Sophie Cosby, Huston, Texas

"I have been with SiteServing for over 3 years now, and have two accounts with them currently. SiteServing is one of the first big web hosts that I've tried, and they have proved that I need not to look further. Their support has been very helpful and responsive (generally within 30 mins) I have a reply. The pricing is good, and the uptime is perfect. I would recommend SiteServing as a solid and economical host"

Theodore Montanez, Miami, Florida

"Having been with EarthLink for years, I finally took the step and moved to SiteServing. Their CS is very fast, and their control panel is miles better than the old EarthLink control panel I was use to. Not to mention that SiteServing is about half the price of EarthLink! I personally think it was a great choice both economically and technically (I get a lot more now than I did before)."

Jay Luebke, Las Vegas, Nevada