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Hello, We're SiteServing, We do Hosting!

At SiteServing our atmosphere is clean and well organized. This very calm and organized approach has allowed us to excel at what we do best and that is hosting. Unlike many other web hosting companies, we keep our operations focused from the industries most reliable customer service, right down to marketing. We always deliver what our customers expect, regardless of the day, weather, or time.


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Mission Statement:

SiteServing is a company built upon high standards and the promise to uphold our high standards. At SiteServing we provide our customers with value, reliability, satisfaction and affordability. Our organic growth can be attributed to our loyal customers who assist us by providing their feedback and allowing us to expand our service offerings. At SiteServing, our motto is "Do the job right, make the customer happy!" and we stick to that promise when it comes to every-single customer.

In keeping with our customer satisfaction policy, we even back it up with a no-questions asked money back guarantee, to provide customers with an additional peace of mind.

General Overview:

Being established in Richmond, Virginia, SiteServing has held onto the traditional values of the area, while embracing new innovations whenever possible. In doing so, SiteServing has become one of the fastest growing web hosting providers within the Richmond metro-area. Being an employee-owned company, SiteServing has the flexibility of growing and adapting quickly, which has also helped us expand our reach.

At SiteServing, we believe that every customer is unique. Over the years, we've learned choice is incredibly important, as there isn't a "one plan fits all". In doing so, we have been able to offer our customers a wide variety of different options to meet their needs.

Data Centers:

When picking a provider to work with, there are many questions that come to mind, and one of them is reliability. Being a web hosting provider, service reliability is top on our list, this is why we only work with the most respectable data centers such as; Equinix, CoreSite, and Tier-1 facilities. Additionally, having built a globally scalable network we can even offer you multiple locations based upon your geographic locations to ensure maximum speed and reliability for your website and online business.

Superior Support:

When choosing support, being able to get a hold of support isn't the only important part of the puzzle, but rather being able to understand and resolve the issue with the customer service representative. This is why all of our calls are routed to our state-of-the-art call center in the United States. Additionally, we provide support in multiple languages such as Spanish and Russian making it even simpler to understand our support department if you are not a native English speaker.